Aug 19, 2011

Store Collab at Cut and Crete

We, the Designer Team at Cut and Create, made our first Collab - Back to School! It's fantastic and you can buy it at the shop.

*** TO THE SHOP ***

We're going to continue to do Collabs, so about every second month there's going to be a new one in the shop. The next one is for the autumn, Oct/Nov, and it's going to be about Halloween and Thanksgiving. So remember to check back often so you don't miss it.
AND THE BEST OF ALL - Before we sell it in the store you can win the Collab! Take a look at the Facebook page for Cut and Create to get the details. You'll find the link on the first page in the Cut and Create shop or below.
The lucky winner of the Back to School Collab was Anne! Congratulations to you, and good luck with your creations!!

*** Cut and Create on Facebook ***

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