Dec 29, 2012

Preparing for the big end...

...just a couple of days and then the big final of this year and the glittering start of 2013!!!

If you need some inspiration, take a look at this treasury list on Etsy.

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Dec 23, 2012

Merry christmas!

So, it's finally here, just a few hours more and then it's CHRISTMAS!!!!!

I hope you're all going to have a wonderful time, exactly in the way you want to spend your christmas holiday. We're celebrating it in the traditional swedish way with christmas tree, presents under the tree and a lot of christmas food with a big ham with a traditional topping made with mustard. It's all very Swedish and traditional :-))

I have a little christmas freebie for you - a quick page that's matching the kit I published a couple of days ago, Swedish Christmas! You can download it here:  DOWNLOAD

And this is what it looks like:

Merry Christmas to you all!

Dec 16, 2012

Just a week left before christmas...

...and I don't think it feels like christmas yet. There's been a lot of snow falling the last week but now it's been raining so it's just a grey/brown mish-mash :(
This week is going to pass so fast and then it's all over and it's New Year and 2013. It's the same every year, it doesn't seem like theres enough time to really enjoy christmas.

So, I made some AddOns to the Swedish Christmas Kit, you can find them in the Cut and Create Shop

Dec 14, 2012

Swedish Christmas Scrapbook Kit

So, it's ready and published in the shop! A huge kit with 16 paper, 60+ elements and 3 brushes/overlays.

You can buy it in the Cut and Create-shop

And this is what is looks like:

And here are some layouts made with the kit

Dec 9, 2012

Freebie time!

Yes, that's right! It's been a long time since I published a freebie here on the blog so I thought you should get a little taste of the coming kit - Swedish Christmas. Here's a little cluster that's coordinated with the kit.
You can download it HERE

and this is what it looks like

Dec 8, 2012

So, here's the sneak-peak you've been waiting for...

...Swedish Christmas! A traditional christmas kit in a swedish style with a bunch of decorations we used in my family for a lot of years. Special things I remember since I was a child mixed up with things bought over the years. And as a tradition my husband and I always buy one new thing every year to put in the christmas tree. Sooner or later I suppose we have to stop, there's going to be a lot of decorations otherwise :-)

 The kit is coming to the store any day now, so be patient! It's going to be sold both in the Cut and Cretate-shop and in my Etsy-shop

Dec 7, 2012

The winter is here... and almost christmas!

Hi there!
The last weeks have past by so quick and I've been working hard with a few things thats coming soon in my store!

In the Etsy-store you can buy a lot of Christmas tags, both digital and paper goods. And if you still have photos from Halloween or with autumn themes - take a look at my halloween things.

I'm working on a big Christmas Kit thats soon going to be available in the store. It's not quite ready yet, but it's going to be great! :-)) Tomorrow you can see a sneak-peak of it here on the blog!

I'm also working with some digital Christmas envelopes, perfect to put small, flat presents in i.e. cinema tickets, gift cards or even money.

So, stay tuned and check back tomorrow for the sneak-peak!

Nov 8, 2012

Autumn... Winter....

I don't really know what to call this weather. It's not one or the other. I still want it to be autumn, because that's such a nice period of the year:-) But it's starting to get a bit colder here in Sweden and we already had a tiny little bit of snow for a day, some weeks ago. Luckly it melted away faaaaassst!! I don't really like winter any more, used to do, but now I just want it to be a little snow over Christmas and New Year and then it might as well go away again.

So, I'm still making kits for autumn and a bit Halloween, even thou we just past that holiday. The following kits you can find in my Etsy-shop and in the Cut and Create shop.

Oct 15, 2012

Halloween epoxy style buttons

Some more little decorations for Halloween - very useful buttons in an epoxy style. Easy to use, put a few on a layout to "pin down" some photos!
You can buy them in my Etsy shop

Oct 7, 2012

The last of the summer photos

Hi there,
Do you still have some summer photos to scrap? I have some wonderful pastel denim papers in the shops, 21 papers, 12x12 inch, 300 dpi. Perfect for those sweet photos from the beach, garden or playground. Or maybe you need to do a birthday card for some child in your family and you don't want it to have autumn colours? Children seem to like pastel and sweet colours so this just may be the right thing!

You can find them both in my Etsy shop and in the Cut and Create shop.

Oct 6, 2012

October news

So it's almost here...     ...the HALLOWEEN weekend!
Are you all ready for the spooky, creepy, trick-or-treat time? Do you have all the cards and tags and treatbags that you need? If not, take a look in my Etsy-shop and in the Cut and Create shop. There you'll find everything you need for the coming spooky season!

This is my latest contribution to Halloween:

Sep 30, 2012

Last day of September

Still quite nice weather and I hope it's going to be like that the whole of October! Just a few weeks to HALLOWEEN!! Are you ready for the Tricks or Treat visits you're going to get?  Bought all the candy yet?
Maybe you need some tags to put on the bags - take a look in my Etsy shop, you'll find a lot of Halloween tags there.

Sep 16, 2012

All about the autumn festivities and the moon...


In Sweden we have crawfish parties in the autumn, mostly in August but even i September if the weather is nice. I made a scrapbook kit to celebrate that occasion and to help you all scrap your autumn-party-photos!

You can find it in my Etsy-shop and in the Cut and Create shop.

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*** The Cut and Create shop ***

And this is what the kit looks like:

Sep 14, 2012

End of summer

It's definitely here - the end of summer :( We can only hope for a loooong, nice autumn with a lot of sun and a temperature around + 16 degrees Celsius! You know, a nice warm October, a November without rain.

There are thou a few nice things to look forward to - all the fruit and berries, mushroms and the nice colours of the autumn leaves, long walks in the nature. And of course HALLOWEEN! Scary, wonderful tricks and treats. If you feel you're lost of ideas take a look at this for inspiration:

You can find the items in the following shops:

Aug 2, 2012

New items in the shop


´There's a lot of new items in the shop at Cut and Create. See the previews below.
The shop is also changing it's appearens a bit and it looks beautiful! :-)

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Jul 22, 2012

Treasury list on Etsy

Take a look at this treasury! Beautiful blue colors and a lot of denim. A collegue of mine on Etsy, Stella Sargantani,  made this treasury and was kind enough to include my denim scrapbook papers.

*** Click here to see the treasury ***

Jul 15, 2012

Sweets for my Sweetie

Delicious summer sweetness...
Even thou it's raining a lot there's place and time for some sweetness in your life, isn't it?
I have the perfect kit for you to scrap those sweet little moments that you were clever enough to take snapshots of :-))
You'll find it in my Etsy-shop, ***click here to go to the shop ***

and this is what it looks like!

Jul 2, 2012

Wedding times...

It's that time of the year... people want to get married in the summer... nice weather, reception in the garden... lots of flowers everywhere...

So maybe you need some cards with a wedding theme? I have the perfect choice for you! You can find them in the Cut and Create shop.

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And this is what they look like

Jul 1, 2012

Summer, summer. summer...

Finally summer! I got inspiration and made a little kit with summer papers. The perfect background for your summer photos. Nice, sunny colours but neutral enough for your even moore colourful photos!

You can buy them in the Cut and Create shop.

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Jun 22, 2012

Midsummer in Sweden

It's midsummer in Sweden this weekend and the weather is quite good, at least today. That means it's beginning to be holiday time here. Most people start their holidays in accordance to Midsummer. That made me think about holiday cards - why don't send something unusually this year, a card that you do yourself instead of the "normal" seaside views or similar. I made a set of 5 cards to help you on the way. Print them out and draw or write something on them or work with them on the computer, put on a photo maybe!

You can find the cardset in the Cut and Create shop, se link below.

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And this is what the cards look like.

Jun 1, 2012


The spring is almost over, summer vacations is awating you. Time to organize the celebrations for the family members who's finishing school. Maybe you need a little help with the celebrations? Some nice tags for the presents? Take a look in the Cut and Cretate shop or in my Etsy shop!

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May 12, 2012

Mother's Day

Tomorrow is the Big Day  -  don't forget to celebrate your Mothers!
As a little help with the celebrations you can go to the Cut and Create shop and download some of the surprises. Some of them are already up in the store and more is coming during the day. Below you can see what my surprise looks like. And, yes they are all for FREE! Just to download from the shop.
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Apr 24, 2012

Things are happening on Mother's Day - 13 May

Keep on eye out for the Cut and Create shop on Mother's Day! There's going to be a surprise for you in the shop. Can't tell you in advance - you have to visit the shop and find out for yourself. :-))

Apr 8, 2012

Having a nice Ester Holiday...

...that's what I hope you all have! My Easter Holiday is nice, made a lot of new digital "things" - one you can see below this message. There's still one day left to enjoy the free time, make the most of it even thou the weather is a bit chilly here. Maybe that's perfect for scrapping? :-) Take a look at the new kit below, you can buy it in my Etsy shop.

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Mar 23, 2012

EASTER is coming closer...

... and I have published a new scrapbook kit in the shop! A bit vintage, a bit shabby chic - Vintage Easter at the Manor - full of original flowers and elements made by me from photos I've taken and worked with in Photoshop. This is elements and papers you don't find anywhere else.
So, run over to the shop and stock up so you're prepared for Easter! :-))

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