Jun 22, 2012

Midsummer in Sweden

It's midsummer in Sweden this weekend and the weather is quite good, at least today. That means it's beginning to be holiday time here. Most people start their holidays in accordance to Midsummer. That made me think about holiday cards - why don't send something unusually this year, a card that you do yourself instead of the "normal" seaside views or similar. I made a set of 5 cards to help you on the way. Print them out and draw or write something on them or work with them on the computer, put on a photo maybe!

You can find the cardset in the Cut and Create shop, se link below.

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And this is what the cards look like.

Jun 1, 2012


The spring is almost over, summer vacations is awating you. Time to organize the celebrations for the family members who's finishing school. Maybe you need a little help with the celebrations? Some nice tags for the presents? Take a look in the Cut and Cretate shop or in my Etsy shop!

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