Jun 22, 2013

The participants in the Tag Swap

So, ladies and gentlemen (a few I think!) the list is ready for the participants in the Tag Swap. You will all get a mail from me with the mail address for your partner in the swap. Here you can see who your partner is:

Lisa SMarie O

Thank you all for participating. It's been a great success and you all did a lot of beautiful tags!!

Jun 16, 2013

Just a quick word about the Tag Swap...

The participants are streaming in!!! But most of you guys have been signing up by email to me, but thats OK as well! :-)) Just go on signing up!

Jun 10, 2013

Anybody interested in a Tag swap??

Tag swap

I was planning to organize a tag swap here on my blog, if there's an interest for it. Anybody up for that??

Leave a comment on this post by June 20th if you're interested!

The tags can be in whatever size you want. They can be digitally created and emailed to your trade partner or you can make a paper/mixed media tag to snail mail your partner. Just know that you may not receive the same kind of tag from your partner.

Please make a backside for your tag and include your name and date and whatever else you like.

All mediums and experience skills are welcome! All swap partners will be matched randomly regardless of the medium used.

Create your tag and email me a picture of it when you're done to  inger.de.wild@telia.com
and leave your email address so I can notify you about who your trade partner will be.

Tags must be finished by June 30th.

Check here after the 20th to see who your trade partner will be. Trade partners will be randomly drawn sometime around the 20th of the month.

Mail/send your tag to your partner after I contacted you to let you know who your partner is. You'll have to contact them via a private message to get their address.

When you receive your partner's work, it is appreciated if you thank your partner in a mail message, and with a copy to me,  to let her/him and me know that you got it.

If you have any questions, you can post them here or send a private message to me!

Good luck with your creations!!

Jun 5, 2013

My jewellery shop at Etsy

As maybe some of you know I have a jewellery shop at Etsy as well. There's a lot of new bracelets in the shop. Click HERE if you want to look in the shop!

Here's some of the new bracelets:

New tags in the shop


I've got some new digital tags in the Etsy-shop. They're in a medieval style with letters.