Sep 30, 2012

Last day of September

Still quite nice weather and I hope it's going to be like that the whole of October! Just a few weeks to HALLOWEEN!! Are you ready for the Tricks or Treat visits you're going to get?  Bought all the candy yet?
Maybe you need some tags to put on the bags - take a look in my Etsy shop, you'll find a lot of Halloween tags there.

Sep 14, 2012

End of summer

It's definitely here - the end of summer :( We can only hope for a loooong, nice autumn with a lot of sun and a temperature around + 16 degrees Celsius! You know, a nice warm October, a November without rain.

There are thou a few nice things to look forward to - all the fruit and berries, mushroms and the nice colours of the autumn leaves, long walks in the nature. And of course HALLOWEEN! Scary, wonderful tricks and treats. If you feel you're lost of ideas take a look at this for inspiration:

You can find the items in the following shops: