Feb 5, 2012

Almost Valentine-time and new items in my shops!

Hi there!
It's february and it's winter in Sweden, about -13 Celsius and a bit of snow. In just a few days, 9 actually, it's VALENTINE. Are you prepared? Already figured out what you're going to give to the loved ones? Have all the cards and tags ready? If not I have published some help in my shops, tags and frames. the frames will come in handy when you're going to preserve for the future all the nice photos you're going to take during the Valentine celebrations. Take a look in my Etsy-shop and in the Cut and Create Shop, you'll find the links below!

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***Click here to go to the Cut and Create-shop***

This is what you can find there, that's usefull for Valentine celebrations - but don't despair :-)) more Valentine items are coming during the following days!